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August 2-6, 2023

National, Iowa

About Us


The first Clayton County Fair was held in Garnavillo, October 3, 1854. Just three weeks before the first Iowa State Fair was held.

In the early history of our great country, state of Iowa, and Clayton County, fairs have played an important part in the building of our great agricultural industries. Beginning in the 1920's to the present date, the 4-H and FFA organizations played an important part in the development of one of Iowa's best agricultural fairs.

Clayton County Fair now consists of about 30 acres (as of 2003), which gives Clayton County one of the larger fairgrounds in the state of Iowa.

-- Information from 150th Sesquicentennial Book

We welcome all ages to the Clayton County Fair! Come join in on the fun!

Clayton County Executive Board

President: Arlen Nuehring
Vice President: Travis Priem
Secretary: Jeri Kay Schiffman
Treasurer: Deb Schulte

Clayton County Fair Board Members
Name Phone Number
Adam Meyer 563-880-2958
Allan Troester 563-880-1857
Anna Wilson 563-880-4797
Arlen Neuhring 563-880-3400
Ben Wikner 563-880-9901
Bob Schilling 563-920-6994
Brenda Murray 563-880-0758
Caitlyn Jacobs 563-880-3429
Chad Donlon 563-880-3085
Chezney Priem 563-542-7653
Dan Meyer 563-252-1768
Deb Schulte 563-920-7315
Erik Oberbrockling 563-880-9888
Gary Willie 563-880-8331
Greg Johnson 563-880-6462
Greg Schulte 563-880-4265
Hank Werger 563-880-1215
Jeri Schiffman 563-880-8772
Jess Lansing 920-213-5761
Name Phone Number
Jim Fuelling 563-880-0107
Jim Hoth 563-880-1522
Joe Murray 563-880-9616
Justin Fuelling 563-880-0860
Kenny Johnson 563-426-5130
Kristen Oberbrockling 563-880-9559
Leo Schaffer 563-329-0675
Mark Troester 563-880-2300
Matt Gaul 563-920-5559
Noah Reinhart 563-329-0863
Ron Sass 563-537-1028
Ryan Oberbroeckling 563-880-9540
Sam Glawe 563-880-4939
Tanya Keppler 563-880-0968
Taylor Bockenstedt 563-608-6787
Tim Orr 563-880-5256
Tom Shirbroun 563-880-3605
Andrey Shirbroun 563-880-7980
Travis Priem 563-543-2772
Honorary Members
Allan Werges - Jim Walters

The Clayton County Fairgrounds is a privately owned and operated facility and the following are NOT allowed: pets, weapons, metal detectors, & solicting without permission.